Moving House: How Self Storage Can Help

We’re all familiar with the scene above. Endless rows and stacks of boxes, clearing room after room on repeat, and that odd empty feeling you get surveying rooms that were once full with memories, now all ready to be moved into by a new family. 

Moving house is the start of a new chapter, but it can also cause plenty of stress. Thankfully, the Container Self Store team is on hand to give you five tips on how our storage units and rooms can help.

Self-storage allows you to unpack at your own pace.

One of the most stressful aspects of moving house is bundling your belongings into a truck and unloading them all in one go. 

Most people have little idea exactly where the furniture will fit in their new home. As a result, it can become awkward and even cause damage and accidents trying to manoeuvre around the many items littered around the property. 

This is where our storage containers and rooms come into play. Our units can handle an entire room’s worth of furniture, making your unpacking process more fluid and stress-free. At the same time, if you wish to store a smaller amount of furniture for the time being while you unpack and clean the property, our smaller size storage rooms are the perfect option! 

Storage gives you time to declutter before moving day.

Another space-saving benefit of furniture storage is allowing you the freedom and time to declutter your old home. 

Packing away belongings and memories always takes longer than we think, whether by taking too many trips down memory lane or simply forgetting how much stuff we have! 

A good declutter lets you see what main pieces of furniture you’re going to take when you move, whittling down less essential items for selling or donating to charity. A bonus of the decluttering process is that it’ll give prospective homeowners a much better idea of a property’s size, layout and how it could work for them.

Homes filled with clutter can be offputting to viewers and make figuring out the logistics concerning their furniture much harder. By removing clutter into self-storage, you could also make the selling of your old home much more straightforward!

Storage is excellent if your new home needs renovating.

Not everybody buys the finished product. In fact, with rising house prices, many people are opting to purchase a “doer-upper”, saving cash and creating their perfect home in the process. 

As exciting and rewarding as this is, it does leave you with the problem of needing plenty of room to complete your renovations. Not only will you need space to move around, but dust, heavy machinery and wayward paint can cause damage to belongings lying around. 

By investing in a storage unit, you can lock away your home’s contents safely and securely until you complete the building and decorating work. 

Storage eases stress if you’re between houses.

If you’re not new to the property ladder, you’re likely in a property chain. Unfortunately, these chains can often be long and complicated, and house movers may find themselves between properties when hanging about for contracts to be completed. 

Tenancies can also be tedious, with many enforcing a notice period that can give you unrealistic time constraints and very little time to plan. In both scenarios, renting a storage space will make your life much easier. 

Whether staying with friends or family or renting short-term accommodation, packing and unpacking non-essential items is incredibly time-consuming and ultimately avoidable! Instead, you can safely house such items until you’re ready to move into your permanent residence by renting a storage space, alleviating extra work and stress. 

If you’re moving overseas or for a career, use self-storage.

Not all house moves are as straightforward as a simple location switch within a few miles. For some, a career change or new job may signal a move across the country, while many people opt for a complete change of pace and relocating to a different country altogether. 

In such instances, keeping your belongings safe while you work out the details can be an added worry you could do without having. By organising temporary storage, you can house as many or as few of your belongings as you like, with flexible contract options, which means you can be safe in the knowledge your prized possessions are completely secure – wherever you are! 

Are you ready to make your big move a lot easier with self-storage? Contact our team for more information, or use our simple online booking system today!

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