Why are Business Pods so Popular?

Inside a Business Pod

We have seen our units used for various purposes over the years and noted a particular rise in the number of businesses that use them.

Inspired by this reception, we developed the ultimate business storage and service container with all the necessary facilities to operate a business on your terms. 

Discover why storage container offices and studios are becoming increasingly popular and how you could benefit from one.

Why are Business Pods so Popular?

The flexibility and privacy of a storage container make it ideal for a modern workplace. The pods can shapeshift into small, private offices or even become small business owners’ storerooms, studios or workshops. 

Our Business Pods are spacious, secure, and stocked with the essentials for running a business.

Advantages of our Business Pods

Before investing in one of our business pods, let us share some of these containers’ unique features and benefits.

Receive an Office on Demand.

These private storage containers are ready to use on-demand, rent on-site, or be delivered off-site.

Either way, the set-up is rapid as the pods include all the features you need to run your business.

The business pods feature a complete electrical system, including six double power points and a USB charger. They also have access to heating and wi-fi. Plus, an external power connection and a lockbox.

For immediate comfortable, durable and adjustable working conditions, our pods have wind and watertight fixtures, multiple air vents, easy slide bifold doors and 27mm marine plyboard flooring. 

Own an Ample Amount of Space.

The measurements of the business pods are as follows:

  • In feet: 19’ 4” long x 7’ 9” wide x 7’ 10” high.
  • In meters: 5.9m long x 2.4m wide x 2.4m high.
  • Usable capacity: 32.6m3.

You could always link your business pod with an additional container or storage room to hold any stock so you have everything you need in a safe and secure place.

Save money with a storage container.

Are you just starting your business and need a low-cost base to get things started? Has working from home reduced the need for office space?

No matter where you land on the scale, running a storage container is much cheaper than committing to a standard office. Renting or owning a container is a far more economical compromise. 

Enjoy Business Advantages.

Some of the Container Self Store sites operate business centres; this means that you automatically gain Business Centre Access if you’re a recipient of one of our containers.

You’ll also enjoy further benefits, including access to desks, printers and even complimentary tea and coffee!

Uses for our Business Pods

With heating, electricity and wifi facilities available, the possibilities are endless for what you can create in our business pods. Plus, there’s enough space to make the place your own. 

How could the pods work for your business? Here are a few suggestions.

  • Transform the pod into a container office for yourself and a physical location to meet clients.
  • Create a workshop or studio space where you can escape from the world, and all tools and equipment can be kept safe and secure.
  • Upsize your small business into a physical space. You could even attach another container as a stockroom for your products. 

Whatever your business needs, our business pods can service them.

Look to the Container Self Store website for more inspiration about What You Can Store, and Book Your Storage space online with us to get the ball rolling. 

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