Three Ways Your Business Could Benefit From A Business Pod

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Storage container offices are the perfect on-site or off-site portable workspace, so we developed our very own business pods.

These nifty storage units are inexpensive, sustainable, and customisable to suit your working needs.

The following article discusses three key reasons you should consider our business pods for your company.

How Your Business Could Benefit from a Business Pod

If you’re looking for small offices to rent or shipping container offices for sale, why not consider our business pods? Let us list some of the beneficial qualities of these innovative units. 

Pay less for your office.

Our business pods are small offices for rent or purchase that do not carry a substantial financial burden. 

The low price tag is excellent for businesses just starting up as it is for long-established companies because who doesn’t love a bargain? 

These small pods pack a punch, fitted with all the necessary components for a comfortable and efficient office, including heating, wifi and electricity. 

We sell storage containers and business pods as well as rent them. Below are the prices for our On-Site Business Pod rentals in Nottingham and Off-Site Business Pod sales where the container is delivered to you. 

20 Ft Business Pods for Rent On-Site

  • Business Price: £66.67 p/week ex vat
  • Personal Price: £80.00 p/week inc vat

20 Ft Business Pods for Sale Off-Site

  • Business Price: £7,000 ex vat
  • Personal Price: £8,400 inc vat

Take More Control over your Work Environment.

A smaller office generally means fewer distractions, improving work focus and productivity. 

Besides marine plywood floors and large bifold doors that let natural light in, each pod arrives unfurnished, so you can add your touches and decorate your workspace how you like. Plus, you can control the climate with heating facilities and built-in air ventilation.

Each container is safe and secure so that you can ensure a private, protected, professional space.

Enjoy Convenience 

In addition to all the features of our business pods, another aspect that makes them so desirable is that they are ready for use immediately.

You can also easily modify your office by attaching additional containers, including our newly developed Catering Pods that support a fully functioning commercial kitchen. 

You also get to use the business pod on your terms. For example, when you rent a container, you only have to pay for the duration of use. There are no hidden fees or clauses tying you down.

Similarly, if you purchase a pod, you can have it delivered to a convenient location of your choice.

All these factors make our storage containers a great, unique alternative to traditional offices. If you’d like to see a business pod in action, why not visit our Nottingham site before investing?For additional information or specific enquiries, Contact Us by giving our team a call or filling out our online form.

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