The Benefits of Off-Site Storage

Off-Site Storage

Despite living in an increasingly digital world, certain physical documents are still important. For this reason, many businesses and organisations store necessary documents in separate units for future use or reference. 

This article will explore off-site storage and its benefits for holding vital documents and records. 

What is off-site storage?

Off-site storage, sometimes known as off-site data storage, is a facility that houses data or documents that are not physically present inside an office or organisation.

These documents could include the following:

  • Invoices and Sales Paperwork
  • Records
  • Historical Documents
  • Confidential Documents

In many cases, laws require businesses to keep records for particular lengths of time. For some, this time could be anything up to six years. Other vital records, such as those belonging to the NHS, could be significantly longer.  

As time passes, these documents accumulate and outgrow office file cabinets. Therefore, businesses require an off-site archive or storage system to keep all items safe, organised, and in a designated location for retrieval when needed.

Where to find off-site storage

At Container Self Store, we’re no strangers to handling records and documents. 

For those near our Nottingham site, our on-site 10 ft containers and 20 ft containers are equipped with appropriate ventilation and protective qualities to keep documents safe. In addition, they have 24-hour accessibility and an unmatched level of security. 

For more flexible storage, select our off-site storage containers. These units possess the same valuable qualities but can be delivered to you for easy access at your convenience. 

Benefits of off-site storage

The advantages of off-site storage will vary depending on the business or organisation; we’ve listed some of the main benefits below. 

Gain more office space.

Off-site storage frees up your workspace from piles of paperwork and boxes. As a result, you can work more comfortably and productively in a clean and tidy work environment.

Avoid accidental damage or loss.

Not only does moving documents to a different location free up the office for work, but it also reduces the possibility of information loss or accidental damage. 

You won’t have to worry about spilling coffee or misplacing paperwork when all the vital documents are safely taken care of elsewhere.

Another significant risk to documents is unforeseen fires, floods, or other accidental damage. Therefore, our containers are ventilated, watertight, and windproof to safeguard against disasters that might damage irreplaceable records. 

Achieve an organised inventory.

Utilising off-site storage gives you much greater control over the organisation of your documents. For example, you can develop an indexing system to efficiently categorise your inventory and simplify identification and retrieval. 

Protect sensitive information.

Often, the documents being kept are confidential or include sensitive information, so you must take extra care to keep them secure and in good condition. 

It’s difficult to fully protect documents in a working environment, given the volume of people coming and going. In contrast, private, remote off-site storage guards against potential prying eyes.

If off-site storage sounds like a sensible solution for futureproofing your documents and essential records, why not consider renting a container today? Our friendly team will help you locate the perfect unit for your needs. Please get in touch by calling 0345 222 1444, emailing, or filling out our handy online contact form.

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