Ways Your Business Could Save Money by Using an Office Pod

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In this economy, businesses are feeling the pinch more than ever, and saving money wherever possible is crucial. 

Compact office pods are an excellent option for companies interested in saving money without compromising how they run their business.

If you’re interested in learning more about the financial benefits of switching to an office pod, this post is for you. 

How your business could save money by using an office pod

Office pods can take many forms, but one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly options is to use shipping containers to house your business. 

There are some significant financial advantages to making this switch. The following points demonstrate how moving to an office pod can save your business money. 

Significantly cut down on your rent cost.

It can be challenging to keep up with the rental costs for office space, especially for startups and small businesses. However, their size makes units cheaper to run than traditional office spaces on all levels.

If you simply need a base for your business, choosing a small office pod is the perfect compromise, as you can maintain a physical space but massively reduce overhead costs. 

For example, at Container Self Store, our fully serviced business pods cost £67.31 per week excluding VAT – a favourable price compared to many inflated office rent costs. 

Spend less on furnishing and utilities

With a smaller office space, you pay a smaller amount to furnish and power your surroundings.

At Container Self Store, we’re proud to say that our business pods have electricity, heating, and Wi-Fi installed, ready to use. Having immediate access to such facilities is incredibly useful. It is also cheaper than renovating a shipping container or assembling a small functioning office.

Catering pods are perfect for food-related businesses that feel tethered to a location with kitchen facilities. Our containers include everything you need to run a commercial kitchen on your terms. 

Enjoy inherent security 

Shipping containers are designed to be inherently tough, durable and secure, so placing your office inside one of these units will provide you with a similar level of protection. 

With their heavy-duty steel walls, rust-resistant framework and padlocked doors, you can protect your office items and technology, reducing potential break-ins, theft and general environmental damage.

Overall there will be less money spent on possible repairs and replacements. Plus, less need to splash out on fancy security measures. 

Pay less for maintenance and upkeep. 

Typical office maintenance expenses include routine cleaning or repairing necessary equipment and utilities. When you reduce the size of your office, you’ll immediately save on maintenance costs as there will be significantly less upkeep to finance. 

Are office pods worth the investment?

Overall, an office pod can be a good financial decision if your business can make the switch sensibly.

Due to the compact nature of the containers, you will automatically cut down on many of your outgoing expenses because you are responsible for less space. 

The office pods also prove that cutting back on space doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the essentials. You can still receive security and all the necessary utilities needed to run your business, only at a lower price!

To efficiently transfer your business into an office pod, discuss further information and storage-specific enquiries with our helpful team members. Our staff can help direct you to the business pod or storage container most appropriate for your needs. Simply fill out our online contact form, email info@containerselfstore.com or call us on 0345 222 1444.

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