How Businesses Can Utilise Storage Containers

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Storage containers have many uses, and one of those is for businesses. Whether you need a bit of extra storage for your stock or if you need a place to run your business from – a storage container may be the perfect solution. If you’re wondering how your business can utilise storage containers to help your business thrive, then read our handy guide below.

Store stock 

If you are running a retail business, having a safe, secure place to store your stock is crucial to your business thriving. As your business grows you may find that you’re running out of places to store your stock in a cost-effective, secure way. 

Storage containers are the perfect solution to storing your stock, with multiple different sizes you can find one that fits your needs and requirements. With 24/7 access and on-site security – you can rest assured you can access your stock whenever you need and when you’re not there it is safe and secure. 

Run your business from a storage container

For smaller businesses, having a convenient, cost-effective place to run your business can be hard to find. One place you might not have considered is running your business from a storage container. At Container Self Store, we have office spaces to rent in both Northampton and Nottingham, our office pods have electricity, heating and Wi-Fi included – so you can focus on running your business without worrying about expensive rental costs or where you’ll base your business.

Extra security

Theft can ruin a business, which is why it is important to ensure your stock, tools or business equipment is safe and secure. Storage containers are made out of strong, durable, long-lasting metal making them naturally secure and strong. However, most storage containers come with a strong, durable padlock to get your stuff extra secure. At Container Self Store, we have 24/7 CCTV and onsite security so you can rest assured whatever you store is safe.

Keep excess equipment safe

If your business is quickly expanding you may find you have excess business equipment that you don’t need right now. Having a storage container is a great way to keep this stuff safe without cluttering your office or warehouse. At Container Self Store, our storage containers are accessible 24/7 meaning whenever you need to access your stuff you can do.

Moving offices or warehouse

If you’re moving office or warehouse and need to store some of your stock, equipment or tools for a short-time – then a storage container is perfect. Moving is a stressful time, especially if time frames don’t line up. At Container Self Store, we offer both short-term and long-term storage contracts – whatever you need, we can help. 

Choosing Container Self Storage

When taking out storage with us, you will benefit from access to an onsite shared business centre where you can make use of communal offices, meeting rooms and facilities as well as toilets and refreshments during business opening hours.

Should you ever be unavailable, we can also take in deliveries and sign for goods on your behalf.

At, our site is open 7 days a week enabling you access to your own container store as and when you require.

Our containers are safe, secure, and clean, ready for furniture and household storage, business storage, document archiving or a lock-up unit. During business centre opening hours we always have a friendly representative on site to help should you need. Contact us here for more information

How we can help!

If you’re looking for self storage in Nottingham or Northampton, then book now or please get in touch and our friendly team can help you find the perfect storage solution whatever your requirements. 

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