How to Pack a Self Storage Unit

Renting a storage space, like a storage room or self store container unit can give you some extra space whenever you need it. If you’re moving home downsizing, storing old furniture or need somewhere to store business goods – a self storage unit is the perfect solution. 

To maximise the space you hire and get the most for your money, we recommend thinking about how you pack your storage space to utilise as much of the space as possible.  

In this blog, we share our tips on how to pack your storage unit.

Preparing your belongings 

Not only will preparing your belongings and packaging them will help you save your space, it will also protect your belongings and make sure they stay safe while being stored. 

Take inventory of all your belongings

Before packing your belongings in boxes or in the storage space, take note of all the things you have. Taking photos or writing a list of everything going in the storage unit will ensure you know what’s in there should you forget or in the unlikely event of something getting damaged you know what was in there.

Use boxes  

Storing as many things in boxes will allow stacking them easier, which will mean you can utilise the vertical space. The boxes can help keep your belongings protected. Once you have boxed up your items, label the boxes to make things easier when you’re looking for something or unloading the boxes at a later date.

Use dust sheets

If you are storing furniture or other items that are unable to be boxed up, we recommend covering them in dust sheets to help give an extra layer of protection while they are being stored.

Packing your storage unit

Set aside the stuff you’ll need regular access to

First things first, organise your items into things that you know you won’t need for a while and the things that you know you’ll need more often, for example, seasonal clothing, holiday items or DIY items you need regularly. Then place these items at the front of the unit – so you’re not rooting around your storage unit for the things you need.  

Place the bulkiest, heaviest items at the back  

One of the best ways to maximise your space is to place the heaviest and bulkiest items against the back wall of the storage space, then stack items and boxes forwards from the back.

Stack your boxes

Make sure to place your heaviest boxes at the bottom, ensuring they aren’t filled with fragile items, then stack the boxes on top of each other to make sure you are utilising all the vertical space in your storage unit or room. 

Make the most of empty furniture or hollow spaces

If you’re storing furniture such as a chest of drawers, wardrobes or other items such as suitcases – utilise these as much as possible. They are great to store things you want to put in boxes or for any soft furnishings. 

Utilise shelving or racks

If you’re using your storage space for your business, investing in shelving or storage racks can help you keep your items organised and easy to spot. These will also help you utilise the full height of the space.

Choosing Container Self Storage

When taking out storage with us, you will benefit from access to an onsite shared business centre where you can make use of communal offices, meeting rooms and facilities as well as toilets and refreshments during business opening hours.

Should you ever be unavailable, we can also take in deliveries and sign for goods on your behalf.

At, our site is open 7 days a week enabling you access to your own container store as and when you require.

Our containers are safe, secure, and clean, ready for furniture and household storage, business storage, document archiving or a lock-up unit. During business centre opening hours we always have a friendly representative on site to help should you need. Contact us here for more information

How we can help!

If you’re looking for self storage in Nottingham or Northampton, then book now or please get in touch and our friendly team can help you find the perfect storage solution whatever your requirements. 

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