Archive & Document Storage

Our containers and crates are perfect for businesses to store their document archives securely off site.


We can store:

Invoices and Sales Paperwork


Historical Documents

Confidential Documents

Businesses are required by law to keep records for varying lengths of time. Anything up to 6 years and even longer for some other records (such as the NHS)

Woman with documents in archive
Cardboard boxes on the shelves in the warehouse

We have simple pricing with a flexible approach – or long term storage can be accessed with notice but it securely stored on site in one of our sealed crates or containers.


Benefits of Off-Site Record and Document Storage:

Space Saving – Storing your records off site will free up space in your office to expand your team, re organise your workspace and improve the efficiency and productivity of your staff

Make Space for expanding. Is your business growing? Do you need to make room for new records or expanding your office space? We can take your older documents and keep them off site until they may be needed or destroyed!

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