Long Term Furniture Storage

There are many reasons why you may find yourself wanting to store furniture with us for a longer period of time.


Maybe you are selling your home and want to de-clutter, maybe you have taken possession of a property and need to empty it quickly to sell or simply want us to store valuable pieces that no longer suit your home. We can help.


All of our indoor containers are ventilated and watertight – this prevents any moisture gathering and damaging the contents.


With 150sq ft of storage we can accommodate the contents of most 3 bedroom houses, with options of additional crate storage if you need a little more!

Moving boxes and furniture in new home

Our team can help advise you on how to safely pack items for storage but we have included some basic tips below…

Use furniture blankets to cover furniture – these are soft and will prevent any scratches or damage that may occur when moving furniture

Fill gaps with bubble wrap or old cardboard boxes to help prevent movement in transit

Use foam or cardboard protectors for the edges of your items

Be careful not to tape directly onto surfaces as when you remove it, it may take off any paint or finish

PLAN PLAN and PLAN – Make sure you have enough person power or equipment to move your items safely, ensure you load the vehicle in a way that makes the unloading as smooth as possible and always make sure you have invested in enough packaging to protect your items.

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