Tools & Equipment Storage

Trades Storage

Are you a tradesperson who wants somewhere to keep your tools and equipment secure overnight? With an ever-increasing number of van break-ins and tools and materials being stolen why not keep them safe in one of our indoor storage units.


If you have a large amount of materials for a big job or simply want to store the tools you don’t use all the time somewhere safe but easily accessible then one of our ground floor containers would be the perfect solution for you.


You can come early in the morning and collect what you need. If available, our team may also be able to take deliveries for you during the day whilst you are working.

Set of tools in workshop on plywood background
Mobile tent for trade show at amazing sunset

Hospitality Storage

Does your hotel or event company have stocks of tables, chairs and other equipment that is taking up valuable event space or filling storage rooms. Why not store them with us.


Many hotels and event companies have seasonal storage requirements such as outdoor tables that are not used in the winter or outdoor heaters that are not used in the summer. Maybe you have a marquee that would benefit from being kept inside over the winter? Our 20ft storage containers are safe, secure and easily accessible. Contact our team to discuss your requirements

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